The purpose of the project is grow the awareness and partronage of Warrina Lakes with the principle objective of creating a inviting and interesting place to experience that contributes to the locality’s ongoing prosperity and the greater Cassowary Coast region. The master plan will provide further opportunities for visitors and locals to appreciate and experience Warrina Lakes natural assets, its laid back atmosphere and lifestyle opportunities.


Principally, the objectives of project are to:

  • Create and grow attractive spaces that invite locals and visitors to stay and enjoy the area;
  • Provide opportunities and encouragement for 'passing traffic' to stop and enjoy the the Warrina Lakes area;
  • Provide for a safe and easily accessible place for everyone regardless of age, ability, culture or income within a diverse range of settings;
  • Provide an improved space for community events and opportunities for social interaction;
  • Provide modernised, refreshed and co-ordinated ancillary infrastructure such as footpaths, lighting, water fountains, bike paths, signage, shelters, seating, shade, toilets, play equipment and rubbish bins;
  • Create welcoming and memorable spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, function effectively and contribute to a sense of place;
  • Establish a design that is sympathetic to and enhances the natural values of the area;
  • Establish a design that provides opportunities for art and cultural spaces;
  • Identify opportunities for integrating signage and new technology to improve the visitor experience within the Warrina Lakes area; and
  • Ensure options are reasonably market tested for practical delivery